For the launch of our Signature Collection, KOMONO has teamed up with 10 international artists, both upcoming and more established, to reinterpret some of our most beloved watch shapes.

Csilla Klenyanszki created a short video, called "In a snap". In her this piece made with Komono’s Signature watches, Csilla plays with the idea of a clock and “how you - literally - make time”, she explains further. “I started to think about timekeeping devices”, she muses. “In the video, called ‘In a snap’ you can see a male hand as part of three DIY timekeeping devices, such as a mechanical clock, an hour glass and a pendulum.”

The video is stop-motion, giving yet another impression of the passage of time itself. “The photographs can freeze the moment and at the end of the editing process, I could play with timing.” The result is reflective of Csilla’s way of handling the precious time she has to divide between her practice and her home life. As she says about her constantly evolving creative process: “I continue developing exercises that test both my mental and physical capabilities in a constant quest to find harmony.”

To read more about the project, please visit https://www.komono.com/signature/

Watch In a snap

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